Ticketless Parking's vision of “Clean, Green City”

Ticketless is a parking system which eliminates any need of the paper ticket, eliminating the paper waste and the carbon ink printing, hence helping the entire eco system to be cleaner & greener.

  • Accessible, connected, smart, friendly, safe, and new world city
  • We offer a flexible integrated off-street parking solution which can support multiple system such as LED signages, occupancy guidance, booking a bay, making an online/app payment, and most importantly eliminating the need of the car line-ups at the entry/exit lanes as our ticketless parking system doesn’t require motorists to stop, insert ticket, wait for the payment validation, and drive forward.
  • No more queuing cars and burning/wasting precious fuel, making the parking structures more accessible and well connected, guiding motorists through the structure to make parking a stress experience.
  • Our integrated system is futuristic, stable offering a new-world generation user-interface that is cloud-based and secure.

Green Mission

Ticketless Parking is committed to pursuing an ongoing environmental conservation and sustainability policy to meet or exceed statutory law.
This includes:

  • Efficient use of resources
  • Minimising energy use
  • Using recycled materials in manufacturing wherever possible
  • Recycle & reuse waste products and packaging
  • Prevention of all types of pollution

Energy Use

Ticketless Parking is committed to reducing energy consumption. This is achieved through:
  • Installation of energy efficient LED lighting
  • Turning off lights when not in use
  • Turning off air conditioning at the end of each day
  • Minimising the use of air conditioning by using natural ventilation when possible


Ticketless Parking will continue to focus on reducing paper waste and making the best use of resources including raw materials, water and energy. Careful planning of our manufactured products dimensions to minimise offcuts and reduce waste (e.g., efficient lengths of bollards and metal fabrication etc.).

Waste Control

Ticketless Parking will continue to focus on reducing waste from manufacturing processes – and packaging – across the company. Waste includes site product removal, general, office and packaging waste. A paper/carboard recycling service is used to dispose of waste. Discontinued lines, seconds and replaced site equipment are removed, reused or recycled to avoid going to landfill.
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Ticketless parking is trusted by brands including

From go-live in late Dec 2018, the system has continued to provide a fast entry and exit and reduced the congestion in our two car parks free-flow car parks.

-Bakehouse Quarter

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