Ticketless LPR (License Plate Recognition)

The High Volume, Fast Flow Parking Solution. Ticketless Parking System can eliminate common Car Park Operator problems and save money. We achieve this by combining machine learning and AI Licence plate recognition technology.


Ticketless Parking Offers Clients
Turn Key Solution

It’s dynamic and can recognise number plates and facilitates drivers entering and leaving without stopping.

Designed and manufactured in Australia
Concept Design
Floor Layouts
Traffic Flow Simulations
Feasibility Studies
Design and Construction
Project Management
Supply & Installation

For Car Park Operators

No matter the size or location of the car park facility:
  • Comprehensive revenue and traffic reports
  • A system customised for your requirements
  • More parking spaces as fewer entry & exit lanes required
  • Self-administering customer and staff schemes
  • Cost effective as fewer staff required

For Drivers

Drivers using our dynamic ticketless parking system
  • Touchless parking
  • Reaching out the window is a thing of the past
  • Faster entry
  • Faster exit
  • No more tickets

Ticketless Access Control

A complete Ticketless Parking Solution with smart camera technology, user-friendly, large touch screen pay machines designed and manufactured in Australia and multi-function pay machines that accept coins, notes and credit cards; read barcodes and print receipts.

TPS SmartCam
TPS EasyPay Credit Card Paymachine
TPS MultiPay
TPS10 AutoFlow Boomgate

TPS SmartCam

The only flexible system that captures front & rear plates.
  • Ticketless Parking fully integrated lighting and camera housing solution.
  • Integrated LED illuminators, Infra-Red & White-Light.
  • Strobe flashes act as a powerful, visible deterrent to drivers avoiding payment.
  • Lighting on demand delivers real savings through reduced electricity consumption.
  • White-Light provides the illumination to all licence plates that cannot be “seen” by IR reflective illumination.
  • Illumination is activated on demand via external input.
  • Hot-spot Reduction Technology (HRT).
  • An Interchangeable Lens System.
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TPS EasyPay Credit Card Paymachine

100% Australian designed & manufactured
  • The TPS Pay on Exit is easy, quick and secure to use.
  • We provide a large interactive 15.6-inch touch screen for ease of use, with modern graphics to enhance the users experience.
  • Receipts can be printed by the driver if required.
  • The Pay on Exit is easy to service due to no moving parts, and we can do diagnostics and rectifications on any issues remotely.
  • The Paymachine has a large surface area that can promote any corporate branding. Ybern has the templates to provide to an artwork designer, or we can supply generic artwork.
  • All standard key instruction images/wording eg images for Tap&Go, and receipts are legally compliant.
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TPS MultiPay

Ybern’s secure Cash & Credit Card Paymachine.
  • A 24-inch interactive touch screen that provides an easy navigation for customers to check their duration, and allows easy payment via Cash, Credit Card, Eftpos, Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Is easily adaptable to other payment types as they become available.
  • All Paymachine standard instructional images and wording are fully compliant to Australian Standards.
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TPS10 AutoFlow Boomgate

The TPS10 AutoFlow Boomgate has been designed to provide long term reliability, an efficient operation and lasting durability
  • An LED barrier arm.
  • Automatic barrier gate locking position when power on, and manual operation if power off.
  • A safety compression spring to prevent tension spring accidents occurring.
  • An easily operated control mode for raising, lowering and pausing the boom gate arm.
  • An auto-reverse on boom arm impact.
  • Safety Photocell ports added.
  • Easy convenient connectivity for external loop detectors.
  • Connector for traffic lights (AC220V).
  • Easily integrated with remote controls.
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TPS Management Platform

Ticketless Parking management solutions increase ROI by providing management real time revenue and traffic data via smart phone, tablet or desktop. Our software is customised including linking multiple car parks under one umbrella, real time administration from the cloud and cloud based parking for permanent users.

Cloud Based Management UI
Car Park Control and Database Modules
TPS Control and Monitoring
TPS Report Management
TPS Maintenance and Service

Cloud Based Management UI

  • Universal Web Access: Cloud-based management system accessible from desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile for remote management anytime, anywhere
  • Real-Time Updates: Instantly displays current system events and status updates.
  • IoT Device Control: Manages all connected devices across the parking system.
  • Detailed Record Keeping: Logs date, time, and fee data for each vehicle entry and exit.
  • Parker Privileges: Allows creation and modification of complimentary and privileged parker profiles.
  • Shopper Benefits: Includes a module for Shopper Concession management.
  • Resident Access: Features a dedicated Residential Parkers Module for resident vehicles.
  • Custom Reports: Generates tailored reports on traffic flow, occupancy, and financial performance.
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Car Park Control and Database Modules

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Data: Captures and records vehicle details at all entry/exit points.
  • Boom Gate Management: Direct control over boom gate operations.
  • Parking Concessions Database: Maintains distinct records for various parker classifications.
  • Fee Calculation: Automatically computes parking charges for all parker types.
  • Transaction Logging: Documents all financial transactions and vehicle usage.
  • Audit Trail: Ensures a continuous, detailed audit trail for security and accountability.
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TPS Control and Monitoring

  • TPS Control and Monitoring: Manage your facility in its entirety, both locally and remotely, on any device.
  • Real-Time Data: TPS systems deliver live data for immediate insight.
  • Workflow Optimization: Enhance and streamline your operational workflow.
  • Customer Support Excellence: Benefit from fast, professional support with a clear system configuration.
  • Cloud Management Accessibility: System management via web on any connected desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Event and Status Updates: View real-time system events and status messages.
  • Device Control: Manage all devices within the parking system.
  • Flexible Rate Management: Create and adjust parking rate terms and durations.
  • Tax Configuration: Set up and modify tax rates as needed.
  • Parker Privileges: Edit details for complimentary and privileged parkers.
  • Concession Modules: Includes Shopper, Residential, and Early Bird Parker modules.
  • Detailed Reporting: Access reports on traffic flow, occupancy, and revenue.
  • Expert Training: TPS provides certified solution experts for comprehensive training and implementation.
  • Ongoing Assistance: The TPS team is always available for support and help.
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TPS Report Management

  • TPS Report Management: Access detailed, centralized reports from single or multiple locations.
  • Advanced Tools: Utilize cutting-edge tools for perfect business management.
  • Data-Rich Insights: Analyze car park turnover and customer numbers with clear, graphical reports on any device.
  • Operational Efficiency: Leverage data to enhance efficiency and boost revenue, while facilitating internal audits.
  • Comprehensive Control System: A full suite for car park management.
  • Secure SQL Database: Safely stores vehicle license plate information.
  • Cloud-Based Interface: Allows account customer self-registration and management.
  • Account Modules: Includes various permanent parker accounts.
  • In-Depth Reporting: Standard management reports on traffic, occupancy, fees, and revenue.
  • Auditable Records: Maintain reports on 'whitelist' vehicles and diverse user classifications such as staff, residents, and early bird parkers.
  • Audit Trail: Built-in tracking of all system actions and financial transactions.
  • Remote Access: Reports accessible from PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, downloadable into Excel for sharing or storage.
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TPS Maintenance and Service

  • TPS Maintenance & Service: Comprehensive support and infrastructure management by the TPS Team.
  • Continuous Support: Software updates, online assistance, technical hotline, and extensive documentation.
  • Resource Library: Exclusive access to our extensive knowledge base.
  • Revenue Growth: Enhanced parking space management leads to increased earnings.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduced support expenses through streamlined operations.
  • Versatile Solutions: Effective management for any parking scenario with real-time data and reporting.
  • Functional Richness: Numerous features with simple, swift setup.
  • Centralized Expansion: Easy addition of new sites with central management and detailed operation monitoring.
  • Universal Access: Manage systems from any internet-enabled device.
  • On-Demand System Upgrades: Tailor your system's capabilities as needed.
  • Assured Security: High system availability with timely updates for peace of mind.
  • Proven Scalability: Flexibly grows with your business needs.
  • Established Quality: A software solution already recognized for its excellence in the field.
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Accreditations & Memberships

Ticketless Parking understand that to run an incredible business, we need to have all the appropriate licences and accreditations in place. We also proudly partner with businesses that operate within a similar ethical framework.


Ticketless Parking Dynamic LED Display

LED Displays can provide the best possible customer journey at each touchpoint of your car park. Our Ticketless Parking designed and manufactured LED Displays provide high-resolution screens that present a number of different information to assist drivers and visitors of the car park. Our state-of-the-art technology is designed to work together in perfect harmony.

Ticketless Parking’s equipment is linked with all our LED screens and can be adjusted with ease.

TPS LED Signage

LED Display is variable in size
LED Display Functionalities:
  • The panel display can be attached to buildings or part of an independent structure at different heights to ensure optimal viewing range. Our experts can provide advice on how to utilise the location of your display.
  • Displays the spaces available in a car park as well as show the number of spaces in multiple car parks around the area.
  • Image and video display capabilities (suitable for rate display, advertising or service announcement).

TPS TV Panel

1.2m(h) x 0.87m(w) LED Display
LED Display Functionalities:
  • TV LED Display can be placed at the entry of the car park and display a “Welcome Message” by default.
  • Display the entry time to every vehicle that drives into the car park. Our smart cameras take hundreds of images of the licence plates at the entry and feeds that information to our TPS Parking Management System which then allows for the entry time to be displayed on the LED TV screen, all done in less than 2 seconds.
  • Image and video display capabilities (suitable for rate display, advertising or service announcement, and entry conditions to car park).

TPS Access Panel

(22inch) and TPS Kiosk (10inch)
LED Display Functionalities:
  • Account customer validations.
  • Advertising in screensaver mode.
  • Easy to use functionality for car park visitors such as management for permanent parkers which allows foot access into the private secured car park.
  • Access control to electromagnetic door locks.

External Signage

Static signs
User Friendly
  • Images and videos can be uploaded onto the LED Display from our Ampyx UI in a few clicks.
  • Simply choose the file you would want to display and enter the number of seconds you would want an image to be displayed on the screen before scrolling to the next image.

A Solution for all sizes of Car Parks

Speak with one of our technical solutions experts on what is best for you.
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