Strathfield Plaza

Sydney, 2000, NSW, Australia


Located across Strathfield train station in Sydney and surrounded by multiple high-rise units, Strathfield Plaza is a large shopping centre accessed through two entry and two exit lanes, with three separate commercial car parks that used to be operated using paper tickets.

The Plaza’s prime location and outdated parking management system left them vulnerable to abuse by all sorts of parkers, including staff, commuters, as well as the residents of the adjoining high-rise apartments.

The most common problems that the Strathfield Plaza Car Park experienced were:

  • Motorists would exploit the free parking period by driving out of the car park prior to it expiring and then driving back in to get a new ticket which would give them an additional three hours of parking (also known as “turnarounds”).
  • Commuter parkers would tailgate the vehicle in front of them to avoid parking fees.
  • Staff would park anywhere they please, even in premium parking spaces, as the system had no way of controlling where the staff could park.
  • Residents from nearby high-rise buildings and people with business elsewhere would use the car park unauthorised.

As a result of all this, the Plaza suffered a significant loss of revenue, and actual shoppers and visitors were often left fighting for a parking spot in the premium parking areas.


Ticketless Parking System was deemed to be the most effective solution for the Strathfield Plaza Car Park’s problems. Our TPS solution’s feature for capturing licence plates ensured that all the vulnerabilities can no longer be exploited. These include turnarounds, tailgaters, staff parking, and unauthorised parking. Moreover, addressing these vulnerabilities translated to an increase in revenue collected from the parking areas, as well as an increase in premium parking spaces available for shoppers and visitors.


The Strathfield Plaza Car Park TPS came online in 2021.

The amount of free spaces generated by installing the Ticketless Parking system has increased the number of visitors shopping at Strathfield Plaza. Additional Car Park revenue was generated due the Ticketless Parking system stopping Turnarounds, Tailgating, and controlling and charging staff that park on the rooftop away from the shopping centre. The plaza visitors appreciate the ease in locating a parking space due to the 98+% licence plate recognition for every vehicle on entry and exit which ensures that all parkers that stay over the free period will be charged a fee on exit.

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