Paradise Center: Enhancing Parking Experience with Ticketless Access Control


Nestled in the heart of Gold Coast, Paradise Center stands as a premier shopping destination, offering a diverse array of retail outlets, entertainment facilities, dining experiences, and underground parking services. However, the existing ticketed parking access control system was proving to be a bottleneck in delivering a seamless and secure parking experience for visitors.

The management at Paradise Center recognized the pressing need to revamp their parking management infrastructure. While aiming to streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction, they also sought a solution that would minimise initial capital expenditure and align with the latest technological advancements.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic further heightened the urgency for a system that prioritised safety and convenience. The traditional ticketed system required physical interaction, posing potential health risks due to surface contact.


Paradise Center partnered with a leading provider of cutting-edge parking solutions to implement a state-of-the-art Ticketless Parking Access Control System.

The implementation of this ticketless system brought a revolutionary change to the parking experience at Paradise Center. The advanced technology facilitated a touchless entry and exit process, eliminating the need for motorists to handle tickets or interact physically with equipment. This frictionless approach not only prioritised safety amid the pandemic but also streamlined the parking process, enhancing overall convenience for visitors.


The transition to the Ticketless Parking Access Control System at Paradise Center was completed in [insert year]. The immediate impact was palpable, as visitors embraced the newfound convenience and safety measures embedded within the parking experience.

The shift not only simplified operations but also significantly improved revenue streams by optimising parking utilisation and minimising operational costs associated with ticket printing and equipment maintenance. Furthermore, the continual software and hardware updates ensured that Paradise Center remained at the forefront of parking technology without facing the threat of obsolescence.

Ultimately, this transformation not only elevated the parking experience for patrons but also underscored Paradise Center’s commitment to innovation, safety, and customer-centric solutions in the evolving landscape of modern retail environments.

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