Newtown Central Car Park

Secure Parking
Completion Date
December 2016
538 King St, Newtown, 2042, NSW, Australia

About the project

Secure Parking asked Ticketless Parking System to solve the problem of a small highly used car park next to the Newtown Railway Station in Newtown, NSW.

The car park had a very low revenue as the existing ticket-based system was unenforceable. The car park spaces were always full.


The car park is accessed through a single entry/exit lane off Railway Lane.

The requirements for the system were:

  • All traffic in and out of the car park needs to be recorded
  • Traffic flow needs to be managed to reduce/remove the risk of collision
  • Revenue needs to be collected
  • Length of stay limits need to be enforced


The Ticketless Parking System (TPS) was adapted to incorporate a ‘tidal flow’ lane where traffic flows in both directions on a shared entry/exit lane.

“Traffic lights” are situated at both ends of the lane. The system defaults to entry with a green light on the street.

When a vehicle needs to exit, it stops in the “staging area” where the TPS will check if the parking fee has been paid. If the vehicle is free to go, the traffic light will change and the barrier gate will rise as the vehicle turns into the lane.


Revenue is now commensurate with the fee scale and usage pattern; usage has increased and there are vacant spaces for parkers.

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