Harbord Diggers

Mounties Group
Completion Date
January 2019
Harbord Diggers, Evans St Freshwater NSW 2096 Australia

About the project

Mounties Group redeveloped the Harbord Diggers site on the freshwater headland into a mixed development of residential, food court and club. Ticketless Parking were contracted to provide a seamless parking experience for a mix of public, private and VIP parking.


The car park is accessed through three entry and four exit lanes. There is a separate access through gated entry and exit lanes for residents and VIP parkers.

The business rules to govern the car park access are:

  • Casual parkers, residents, VIPs, and site management can enter the main zone
  • Residents can enter and park for free in the resident zone but will be charged as casual parkers if they park in the main zone
  • VIPs can enter and park for free in the VIP and main zones
  • Site management can enter and park for free in any zone
  • Residents and visitors can park for free in the main zone


The Ticketless Parking System (TPS) enables seamless administration of physical and virtual internal zones within a car park. The capacity to incorporate these Business Rules is a prime example of the TPS’ expertise in facilitating easy and convenient management of complicated parking situations.


Cole Jones Swim Fitness (Hurstville, NSW)

Col Jones Swim Fitness is a suburban aquatic centre located in Hurstville, NSW. It is a redevelopment of the site which would include off street car parking.

Harbord Diggers is a unique multi-use iconic development that caters for a variety of club visitors. The parking system required easily accessible parking for visitors and separate and secure parking for the over 55 tenants. The Harbord Diggers club needed to have the option of providing different parking rates for the different visitors using the club facilities, such as Hair & Beauty that required extended time etc. The Ticketless Parking system is easily accessible to manage the parking system from our front desk. If we need to provide reduced parking fees or arrange free parking for people using our meeting rooms and functions, this can be done securely and all records are kept for auditing purposes. Not having to deal with tickets has saved a lot of time and money, and a great guest experience

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