Eastpoint Car Park

Eastpoint Food Fair
Sydney, 2000, NSW, Australia


Located in Edgecliff, Sydney, Eastpoint Food Fair is a bustling two-level shopping centre that houses a supermarket, trendy coffee shops, fresh food outlets, secure underground parking, and more.


The decisionmakers at Eastpoint Food Fair were looking to improve their current car park management system but simultaneously wanted to retain the same equipment provider as well as have the latest cutting-edge technology without having to spend capex.


Eastpoint’s main motivation for upgrading was because of the new challenges presented by COVID. The virus made it unsafe for shoppers to use their old parking system, which required customers to touch equipment and pull tickets just to get in and out of car parks. Eastpoint Food Fair wanted to prioritise the safety of their shoppers, so they decided that a shift to a touchless system would be better for everybody.


Ticketless Parking System provided Eastpoint Food Fair with a brilliant solution for their unique problem. Our cutting-edge Ticketless Parking System offers Parking as a Service (PaaS), a solution designed to address their car park management issues as well as their capex concerns.


With PaaS, Eastpoint Food Fair receives regular hardware and software upgrades throughout the duration of the contract. This gives them protection from equipment obsolescence, which is what happened to them when COVID came.


Our TPS solution also enabled Eastpoint Food Fair to improve the parking experience of their customers and keep them safe from the risks of COVID. Motorists can now get in and out of car parks without the need to roll down their windows or touch the equipment. It’s totally a touchless and frictionless experience.


The Eastpoint Car Park TPS came online in 2021.

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